• MobilityOnero-x is very easy to carry using our special travel case.

  • Power managementJust plug in your Onero-x and all your equipment will be ready to go.

  • Tech on-boardOnero-x offers all the hardware you need for entertainment and training applications.

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The next era of gaming and simulation has arrived!

Wireless, Standalone and Location Independent. Onero-x offers an all-in solution for all your VR purposes. Using the latest possibilities in VR, we offer your organization the opportunity to let everyone enjoy this new world. Simplicity and the ease of use are paramount importance at Onero-x. We ensure that you never have to stop the technical grind of computer and VR products. With Onero-x, even the least tech-savvy colleague is able to enjoy the wonders of Virtual Reality

  • Full-service setup for VR training
  • Space for 4 HMD’s (VR Glasses)
  • Space for custom controllers and accessories
  • Integrated computer and router for applications
  • Integrated power supply to all individual components
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Onero-x Use Cases

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Onero-X versions

Everything you need is here

  • Onero-x Charge

    Onero-x Pro

    Looking for a fully serviced Onero-x environment? With Onero-x Pro you are ensured of a hassle free experience with our professional service model. Get in touch to explore the possibilities for your product.

    Starting at€210 p/m

  • Onero-x Charge

    Onero-x Arcade

    It’s all in the box, with Onero-x Arcade. Our fully integraded Mobile VR solution offers everything you need for your multiplayer VR experience. Computing tech, networking and charging up. Only thing to do is power up and go!

  • Onero-x Charge

    Onero-x Charge

    Never be stuck with empty headsets or controllers again! Onero-x Charge makes sure your entire headset fleet can be easily charged with just a single cable. Because no one wants to be surprised by an empty battery when you’re supposed to have fun!

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